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Clay Aiken Claymates Reactive to Clay Bitch Mode

March 11, 2012

I’m sure you know by now that Claylene is on Donald Trump’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice”  So far we’ve seen Clay talking on his cell phone, giving bitchy asides in the confessional cam, explaining he’s not the type of gay man that knows about ladies shoes or fashion (just really horribly bad plastic surgery it seems), talking down to others like George Takei, He’s been snide, he’s used very disrespectful tones when talking to others, particularly with gentle senior citizen George Takei in the episode filmed at Medieval Times (or as Gotti likes to spell it Mid Evil Times) Clay barked at George during rehearsals. That voice~! So damned whiny most of the time. Even whiny in his recaps sometimes..

His behavior certainly isn’t winning new fans over, that’s for sure. Lumpen bumpen waxen snotty entitled bitchy prissy pissy. He should take his behavior clues from Penn Jillette,  or perhaps even George Takei or the Trump brothers, all men who seem to comport themselves with great class and grace instead of catty remarks.

I don’t know perhaps that that Restylane in his face is painful and making him Kranken.

But the comical thing about Claylene besides the horrific mess he made of his face is the defense of him by the few Claymates that haven’t died off from age or infirmity. They are claiming the bad blood between Clay and George is due to George probably hitting on Claylene and being rejected. As if! I guess in Clayland he’s just so zexzy that every gay man, even those in long term committed relationships cannot RESIST Wax Figure Clay.

I opine that George may have hit on Clay early on and Clay turned him down. What do they say about a woman scorned?

I still think he had the hots for Clay and Clay was not interested. For heaven sake, he is older than his mother by a long shot but he sure comes off as sour grapes to me. Not listening. Sick of it. He got fired. End of discussion.

Don’t forget, George T is bff’s with Howard Stern, the original and most virulent Clay hater out there.

Could be, but just because someone is getting married, doesn’t preclude a wondering eye. Or hand. I think the gentleman doth protest too much. I’m probably wrong.

My thoughts too. Slow to process, word finding difficulties, memory issues (having to read the script at Medieval Times). I also noticed that when Clay made the joke about George going to school with Betty White that others laughed but George did not. The people I work with are at least 20 years younger than I and they never ever make jokes about my age – even though I do. I know Clay was going for the laugh but he would never take this approach for a young person with cognitive deficits and I was a little uncomfortable hearing him to this to an older person.

Finally! A glimmer of common sense. Rare as young fresh skin in Clayland.

And I chuckled. I thought it was the perfect line and anybody with a half a sense of humor at the receiving end would have chuckled too, IMO. He didn’t say he went to school with a feeble, old person who drools on themselves. Betty White is known for being old but ageless.

and Clay gets accused of ‘bitchiness’

Regarding Clay – – he has come off as a pissy little bitch to me. Maybe if he demonstrated as much ability on his tasks as he does on pointing the finger, I would feel differently.

Cluck-cluck clueless Claymates to the resqueeeeeeeeee! Playin’ that homophobe card. Sweethearts, all homos aren’t acting like Clay has on the show. If the Manolo fits, cram that fucker on your foot.

Clay has shown that he is extremely capable and that he gets the job done. He suggested calling Ivanka for help and was shot down. He suggested inviting both Ivanka and Ivana to model in their windows and was shot down. He was the one that found 3 sets of twins who would cheerfully model for free. He was in there getting the models ready and steaming the girls shirt moments before show time.

Reading his blog recap on gives a very thorough recap of the show and includes juicy bits of what went on behind the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.

Maybe if he weren’t gay the words pissy and bitch would not be chosen. Actually calling a 6’1″ man “little” is a bit odd unless it is meant to diminish and degrade. All the other guys, except Michael the Invisible, are crafty and cunning and smart but the gay man is a pissy little bitch.

Someone sounds rather butthurt? Clean up, aisle one!

Did you know that since the show started the biggest search engine terms barging into this place have been:

  • “Clay Aiken plastic surgery nightmare”
  • “Was Clay Aiken a woman before Idol”
  • “Is Clay Aiken getting male to female gender reassignment surgery”

You can tell Claylene is doing a bang-up job impressing the American television watching public when all anyone can Google about is the travesty that is his face now.
Have heard rumors that a Penn Jillette and Clay Aiken throw down is going to go down at some point very soon on the show. I cannot wait. Perhaps Lou Ferrigno will snap his waxy little self in two pieces and back to Madame Tussards he’ll go for repair. You never know. Stay tuned folks.

ETA: Speculation on Clay’s surgery from

Celebrity Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery 24

Adam Lambert Sparkle Cow Says Queen Fans Are “Tards”

March 3, 2012

I got a comment on the other post positing that Queen fans are also ‘Tards’ from a Sparkle Cow. Here it is..

Whats the term you are using here a lot about David Cook “tards”: entitled fans or something like that? Seems to me there is suddenly many entitled Queen fans telling Brian May what to do with his band. A bit funny, that.

I had to answer them because they still don’t get it. But why am I surprised since they are stuck in a delusion they have been trying to rationalize away for three years now. It’s really about the music.


No, there is a difference. Queen fantards do not do the crazy things that Idol fans seem to do. I’ve yet to hear of a flat Freddie or Brian May being toted around, birthday parties being set up with decorated cakes, trackers stuffed under buses, tattoos of band members or lyrics on someone’s feet or back. Granted there are always tards in most every fan pack, but I am just not seeing the same percentage or level of crazy that Idol fans bring.

Thinking the difference is that Idol contestants are on television for weeks on end, allowing those that aren’t real music fans to feel ‘connected’ to the Idol because of the tv exposure, hence the crazy overconnection i.e. pararelationalism that occurs. People who’s primary concern is the actual music would never act like that, just the ones that see something pretty and sparkly on tv and project all their desires upon, like the Sparkle Cows.

Basically most of the Idol contestants and some (many) of the winners are nothing more than televised karaoke singers. Daughtry isn’t. Bowersox isn’t. and there aren’t too many more than aren’t.. Nicki McKibbin has potential.

And it isn’t always their own fault. Guys like Cook hone their stagecraft by years of playing other peoples music in cover bands in bars throughout the country. Taylor did that. I can’t explain Clay Aiken, there is no explanation except to say the site is getting an unusual number of hits asking if he’s had plastic surgery, or did he do the female to male surgery pre Idol or is he doing the male to female surgery now. All very puzzling.

But it really does all go back to the music, which is what all you tards forget, falling in love with some guy you see on tv and listening to any stupid dreck he might record.


In the comments below the Sparkle Cow someone pointed out that Queen is not Brian May’s personal band to do what he wants with. He was part of it, not the main part of it. Queen started out as four separate dudes with the same stake in the band.

Scotty McCreery Fail

November 25, 2011

Did everyone get enough to eat? Was the turkey good? Did you catch McCreery’s epic fail during one of the Thanksgiving Day parades? TMZ has it up now on their website

Poor kid. But what I wonder is if his tards, if he has tards, are taking to the internet to attack anyone pointing this out and behaving idiotically? Does anyone know? A couple of old nanna type tards did comment defending McCreery in over the top fashion but it’s a drop in the bucket of crazy compared to the way Adam Lambert and David Cook over invested pararelational tards behave.

Speaking of Cook fantards. Special message for those that follow me on Twitter. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by following me because I will immediately look at your profile and laugh my ass off at things like this you openly do. Just say no. No matter what you guys say it reminds me of that classic Duke Robillard song – “Sayin’ Don’t Make It So”, saying one thing and the reality is the opposite..

Real music, tards.

My teenybopper granddaughter was busy sporting an Adam Lambert t-shirt yesterday at our Turkey day dinner but that’s expected. She hasn’t experienced anything beyond the world of Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. It’s normal for kids in that age range to develop these obsessive one sided love for crap celebrities but… aren’t you grown ladies supposed to be over that stage of development? I don’t get it. Someone please explain it as rationally as you can.

Chapter 10: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 26, 2011

What’s the body count so far on women vilified, cyber stalked, insulted, harassed, put down, reputations trashed by the Sockpuppet Brigade? So far it’s five, Kimberly Locke, Kristin Zang, Kimberly Caldwell, Lana Jade and Shannon. Today I’m going to talk about one that may or may not have really been a girlfriend of David “Non-Baldy” Cook, Kimberly Johnson, a model/nurse living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim was some years older than David which lead the Sockpuppets to proclaim her a ‘cougar’ even though she had no other cougarish characteristics and she really wasn’t old enough to be a cougar.

Johnson appeared on the Non-Baldy scene first at DCU and in the tabloids. The Sockpuppets raided her photos from her MySpace and from her Model Mayhem pages. More on Model Mayhem later.. it’s possible that this is where the Sockpuppet crew were raiding and picking out fake girlfriends that Non-Baldy was supposedly tooling when there was no evidence he even knew who they were.

Kim is a beautiful redhead and the few photos seen of her and David together looked strangely photoshopped. After a while an article with photographs turned up in a tabloid with quotes of things that supposedly she and David had said sounded real enough at first. Not too long after some of your fans started to figure out that the story was likely a fake sold to the tabloids with the photos by one Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets.

Kim’s friends have spoken out on various boards that the Sockpuppets and fake stories really put a hurting on Kim Johnson. Why Kim didn’t sue for harassment no one knows. But we do know that when things get slow in David Cook Fan Land then the Sockpuppets invent some type of controversy and whip the fans into a lathered frenzy over a pack of lies.

Edited to add apparently I got the wrong end of the stick on this one. Posting a comment that says this was actually not Mary Ann/Holly for a change. Too bad.

Kim Johnston (there is a T in her last name) made up all of that fictitious story about David herself. She was a certified wacko, and she used her own sockpuppets when she responded to negative statements in the comments sections of Page 6 and the Star (before the comments were taken down on the Star site, when Smartie et al got MaryAnn Ellis involved by blaming her for the leak of pictures/information. MAE then went to the Star to have the comment section removed.)
Kim Johnston has a long history of mental illness in her family, and she temporarily put her fantasies about David into a public spectacle. Her story was fake from the get-go, but she has now moved on, gotten married, and has a child. Reality can be better than fantasy. If only MAE would learn that fact

Thanks for the correction CooksFUFL!

I’m burning out on Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets and will be out of town for a few days so after Saturday it will be a week or so before I pick up on this sad tale again.

Chapter 7: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 23, 2011

Here is a list of sockpuppet names from DCU that are obvious sockpuppets, no one else but Mary Ann masquerading to support her own suppositions. The list is not exhaustive by any means. Be sure to add any I might have missed into the comments and I’ll put them on the masterlist here. The last two are interesting because they tried to pretend that they were close personal friends of Davids and they would put on quite a show talking together.


And here’s a list of other sockpuppet names she has used on other boards that are likely her.

Cookiefan 555
Barbara 32
Savannaa (some crazy-assed spelling)
Fake Angie

Right now it looks like Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets has banned some long time members for up to two months in a futile attempt to stop the leaks from her board. Another thing she’s done is change the colors and themes of her board so she can deny that any of the screen caps I’m holding came from her board. Which is really stupid because anyone in authority with half a brain can easily pull up the activity log and read that she changed colors, fonts, whatever and the day and time. You can’t run and you can’t hide. If you do dirt on the internet eventually it will catch up with you.

Tomorrow a tale of stalking. When Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets enlisted others in a unified effort to stalk Shannon.

Chapter 6 Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 22, 2011

Today on “As The Sock Puppet Turns” we’ll examine the irrational hatred Mary Ann/Holly focused on “American Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell once she switched her hero worship to Non-Baldy David Cook.

FYI to Mary Ann/Holly – the name of the site is Free The American Idols – Run Kids Run. It’s not Run Baldy. Reading comprehension fail again.

Have heard she’s locked up all the sooper secrud threads with Cook’s address and others addresses, phone numbers and photos. Some nonsense about returning the board to a smaller more intimate grouping. Ha, she’s just afraid she’s about to get busted for the things she’s done. Jail time might benefit her.

Anyway, back to Cook and his love life and her Orwellian interest in it. At some point after the end of “Idol” Cook and Caldwell became an item and Mary Ann/Holly did many of the same things she’d done on other boards and her own. She loved to call Kimberly “Skankwell” – That’s the name on the threads devoted to trashing Kimberly in the Sooper Secrud Girlfriends section of David Cook Uncensored. The “Deciphering Dave’s Personality” thread is filled with the crazy too.

On a side note: It’s ironic that she’s named her board “Uncensored” because the only really uncensored thing there are discussions of his dick and trashing of anyone he’s been seening even looking sideways at that possesses a vagina.

A full year after Cook and Caldwell broke up Mary Ann/Holly was very busy bashing her most merrily. Many of the threads there are obsessing over who he had dated and who he might be doing the horizontal mambo with, neither of which is actually anyone’s business but his. He is, after all, a healthy normal (I assume) red blooded American male in his twenties, there should be dating and dallying in the valley.

Here’s a Sockpuppet posting at Just Jared trashing Caldwell yet again.

“In response to Terry, how old are you? 13?

I’ll tell you what the problem is here. I am in my late 20’s, engaged and don’t give a hoot about David Cook as boyfriend material. I think he is grungy looking, is a dork, and is fat and on his way to going bald.
Do you really think this chick wills stick around, hell no.

I see many of you make up names here to repeat yourselves, trust me it has had an effect on his sales, and the buzz of him winning the show. You should hear some of the morning DJ’s, they think it’s laughable that he is dating a season 2 D List contestant. He should have stepped outside of Idol and immersed himself with young hollywood just to get his image out there first.

Kim Caldwell is a tramp and a money hungry w h ore.

When Idol goes off the air, she will have no job…she is not getting any gigs even now…just look at her calendar on her myspace…nothing.

You don’t think she is worried about that? Of course she she is going to latch on the latest winner of Idol who is a major fool, for wasting his time with this chick.

Go register at the new website below…we don’t pull any punches with Caldwell…


There’s more ugly quotes she’s posted about Kimberly Caldwell over at Top Idol

When confronted about ugly things said and done in regards to David’s female aquantances this is what Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet typically does. This is from a board member about her actions immediately following being outed as a nut.

“She’s been busy cleaning up lately. She deleted the two mae7777123 youtube accounts and removed all the videos and information from the bernyj one. The bernyj twitter and DCO profile were deleted. She dropped the Jo from ModeratorJo on DCU, merged the latest Kim Caldwell threads into the Girlfriends threads and buried them in archives and started a new Girlfriends thread renamed: David says “Chicks Man”. It looks like she disabled the pictures in the archived Girlfriends threads because where ever there was a picture you now see: [Only admins are allowed to see this image]. She changed the profile picture for that sockpuppet you mentioned, Lisa1984, from a picture of David with Elizabeth to one of Bon Jovi.

She did much the same thing after the backlash over the Lana Jade photos, deleted evidence and buried threads. It’s been pretty slow at DCU this past week. Most of what Holly has been doing is delurking her fake members and making a few posts with each. Doesn’t she realize how stupid she looks? I screencapped the DCU members list by registration date going back about 20 pages last Sunday and most of the new members who “delurked” were either members whose accounts were created months ago but had never ever logged in or they were new accounts that Holly must have created because she clearly stated that she wouldn’t be accepting any new members until after the new year. Other than that it seems to be business as usual among the regular members. A few of the members seem on to things but the rest seem oblivious to what’s going on or accept what Holly is telling them.”

The tattoos he’s gotten are another thing that have set Mary Ann/Holly off the deep end of posting and bashing and Sock Puppetry. Look at this Sock Puppet examples from when David got his “14” tattoo in blue on his arm.

“sockpuppet: He is not as attractive anymore. Don’t jump all over me, it’s only my opinion. He is starting to look really trashy.

sockpuppet: May I send a reminder that 77% of the people in the sleeve poll voted against tattoos on David. You can only vote once people. Stop accusing everyone of being the same person. It must be a touchy subject, no different than the gf threads on this board. Oh and I didn’t bold anything, just increased the font. I guess I must be one of those people too. I just think that the smaller percentage of tattoo lovers are having a hard time with the members here that don’t like them. good god.

sockpuppet: It is impossible for all these people to be one person. I don’t think the admin would allow it, would she? And who do you think is writing them? This is an uncensored board, share it.

sockpuppet: What Tattoos Reveal about Personality. (referring to an article about tatts)
Sounds a lot like David. He cheats, lies doesn’t like sitting for too long, anxiety intolerance, and can have a major attitude, doesn’t like it when people criticize him and has had social hang ups. (this is a favorite sentiment of the sockpuppets, ie: David Cook is the biggest ass on the planet) “

“Sockpuppet ‘Sharon’ -I hate the tatts. I am beginning to lose interest in this guy. He is proving to be one stupid asshole. Don’t bash me for saying so but he is being so stupid. First he dates the loud mouth skankwell, then he goes after loser Lana Jade, then he has a fling with a 40 year old with big knockers, he releases the wrong songs to radio, now he is marking his arms up with ink.

Can someone say next Idol. “

Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets talks frequently about those stupid freaking tattoos, calling them ‘trashy’ But it was funny that she assumed that the blue 14 had something to do with the Kansas City Chiefs, who’s team color is red, NOT blue.

Chapter 3 The Chronicles of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets

May 19, 2011

Okay, so when we last left our heroine she had made the grand leap from ranting about Clay Aiken and ‘kneegrows’ (as I imagine her pronouncing that word) to cyber stalking and real life stalking Constantine Maroulis and his girlfriend Kristen Zang. Escalation, dangerous escalation. Sprinkled liberally with a capacious amount of lies. How nice. How classy.

It is rumored that Mary Ann had to take a leave of absence or was fired for internutting at work. Supposedly she swore revenge on the boss and spent time in a mental facility. People think she was behind the DDOS attacks on MJ’s and Idoltard but I don’t know if I believe that because it requires more smarts and skill than she’s proven capable of.

And FYI – Mae is Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets too. A little Googling without probable cause of Mae’s email address brings up postings in pet adoption boards that has Mary Ann using Mae’s email address yet signing her posting as Mary Ann. We need to start a long running list of all the aliases but at this point the only ones I’m sure of because of the IP addresses are Mae, Mary Ann and Holly along with some assorted names used once to post comments. IP addies don’t lie plus she is not using a proxy.

To quote Mary Ann ‘What a moran!’

I cannot tell you how tickled I am that she always spells ‘moron’ as ‘moran’ Some edjumakayshun there. I’d demand my money back.

When confronted she turns very nasty and threatening. Example? Another Kristen Zang posting and reply to someone else on the long gone Bolt forums. She posted there as “Mindy Knows”

“Topic: Kristen Zang is a WHORE
Sep 20 2005 2:57PM
I hate to post that, but there is a lot of discussion on this girl who is dating Constantine. Some people on the idol board are saying she doesn’t even have a high school education and she had been staying with consantine in a hotel all week in NY.

some fans think he is getting serious about her and are leaving him.

I do feel bad for him. Not exactly the type of girl I would pick for him. She poses nude a lot too for overseas magazines.

I would have like to see him with a smarter more mature girl.

some else said she was in a dinky bar in NY having a beer. She seems like a real winner”

Someone disagreed and here is her reply to someone calling her on her BS.

“screw you defendant.

How do you know I wouldn’t have a chance with Constantine, not that I want one, but I’m pretty nice looking.

As for this Kristen, she is a little whore. She has been out with half of hollywood and she can not keep a guy for anything. She is only good for one thing. I mean look at the guys that cheated on her….leo and that other actor. She is used goods honey, I don’t care if she graduated with honors or not.

she go after every hot guy in Hollywood, and Constantine is no different. I don’t make up anything. What I said is the truth. And as you can see I’m right,, she only has a high school education. And all she ever did was pose for nudes…I don’t think she is much of a model. “

Klassy with a Kapital K!

Also once people started putting together some of the nicks, like Iluvconstantine and Mary Ann, Iluv came forward to a) defend Mary Ann and b) deny she was her.

“MMM is involved in a relationship. Like I said people know her on the BB board. She has no interest in Constantine.. And she does work for BMG because people have seen the badge.

And how do you know her real name is Maryann? She does protect her identity for a reason. God, I can’t believe how stupid you people are.


And from what I heard she NEVER badgered anyone including KZ. She felt sorry for her…especially when she found out how many people Constantine cheated on behind her back. Now why would she hate this maryann person?????

Don’t you think she would hate the people that screwed Constantine behind her back?”

“I really take pity on you people

Hey, I’ve been on Red Hot Topic. That’s a nice board. Wasn’t that nice of Maryann to promote Constantine to over 10,000 members? And wasn’t it nice enough for The AssFucker to add it to his myspace account?

tsk, tsk. It’s a promotional board people, not a message board. Once Constantine’s official board comes out, I heard she is taking it down.

Oh and as for KZ. A lot of people were interested in who Constantine was dating. Go read the post over there people, hurry up run. There is nothing obsessive written on the board.

I will say it for the last time. I am NOT maryann but i know of her like many other people and she is a nice person.

Bye, bye now”

At least she didn’t call Mary Ann ‘Classy’ Probable Sockpuppet ‘Jo Jo’ jumps in to defend Mary Ann/Holly. Jojo says she’s Mary Ann/Holly’s sister.

“the information in this thread about mary ann is not true. she is taking legal action. “

The great lawsoots threats. The lawyer whom Mary Ann/Holly threatened to sue is still waiting for her lawsoot. No lawsoots have been filed as of today that anyone can provide proof of.

And a lot more crazy babbling as ‘Iluvconstantine’

IluveConstantine wrote:
Whoa, what’s up with this? Didn’t know you were Kristen’s wanna be friend? Or are we just trying to pump her for info?
We all know she’ll be banging Constantine when he sweeps through Anaheim. And for everyone’s info, Maroulis really did like Kristen and still does. She is the game player with some hesitation about Constantine.
IluvConstantine wrote:
Robyn wrote:
Actually…Kristen and I grew up in the same area in Michigan.
yeah whatever!
IluvConstantine wrote:
first of all, don’t try to justify yourselves. And secondly, I am not the names you mentioned. Everyone knows about Kristen. And as for her my space account. I happen to be on Constatines space account sending him an email when i saw her new pic on his top 8. I have to say she is looking sluttier these days from her Leo dicaprio days anyway.

I could care less about Zang. I just found it interesting when I viewed her page and saw Robyn’s latest comment like they were good friends.

Does she know how you people talk about her over here?
IluvConstantine wrote:
Constantine and I are good friends. He has a special set up on his myspace for his friends and i do have his personal email and its not the one that was posted on this site. he knows what i think of some of the chicks he dates. i told him KZ is pretty wild and he says she is just a fun person. He also mentioned she is afraid of getting hurt. Yes, I do agree that cheating on her wasn’t smart. It’s one of the reasons why I chose to just remain friends with him.
IluvConstantine wrote:
chuwigrl wrote:
With all due respect, angel – love, can we stop bashing Kristen, please?

She’s a beautiful chick, hell, if anyone of us looked that her, we’d probably be dating A-Listers too. And no one ever said SHE was the cheater.
I personally don’t find Kristen Zang all that pretty. I mean you don’t see her in any US magazines do ya? Like Giddle said, she is a gold digger.
IluvConstantine wrote:
don’t know why i bother explaining myself.

i do not bash kz on other sites. i don’t post on any other sites but the ai board. you people don’t know who i am, and i hate to say it but i am beautiful, classy and smart. I also make very good money so please save your jealousy remarks for someone else.

IluvConstantine wrote:
ok, to answer some questions.

first of all, im starting to like this Ho chick. She is pretty and she is an animal lover.

Did anyone check out Gielle on Contantine’s myspace? She use to know him at Boston Conservatory. She moved to NY and recently lost a close friend. Constatine emailed her and as you can read in his comments sections she is already asking him out for food and drinks. So what happens when he is back in LA?

Let me tell ya. It’s easier to meet people on the east coast compared to the west coast. Constantine grew up knowing a lot of celebrities. (can’t go into it) He has Hollywood on his side. He is a cute guy so cute girls will want to date him. But mostly they appear to be models.

Right now, Constantine is a kid in a candy store. He has women coming at him in every direction and he is having fun. He was very serious with Ashley and is still hurt over that relationship. I do recall Ashley saying Constantine can be very manipulative.

Constantine is nothing more than a major geek in a beautiful man’s body.
IluvConstantine wrote:
As for Constantine’s dad, he is very sick and wants to maintain the privacy of his family. Simple as that.

As for his myspace, yeah some people do care, like his over 16,000 friends/fans.

and Constantine NEVER had a restrating order against him.
He was heartbroken when the relationship ended and still cares for her. It just ended badly because it was hard for Constantine to let go. He screwed up and got caught.

Constantine should be writing a book in the future, I’m sure when the timing is right, he will elaborate.
IluvConstantine wrote:
Ho! wrote:
You have to get your information about Constantine and Kristen from comments on Hamboussi’s myspace from Cindy Mancini?

I just get my KrisTantine information from Robyn now, since she and Kristen are BFF.
Actually, no, I was told she would be there way before. KZ is a tease. And I’m also told KZ knows all about you three meaning Deborah, Angie and Krist. Maybe you guys to share your sexapade stories with each other.

I pulled the info from Ham’s site because it was the only concrete info I can find, since Robyn asked the question.

I told you beforehand, KZ would be there.
IluvConstantine wrote:
hey robyn dear. You don’t know me so watch yourself.

You are a joke about your conversations with KZ. Please. How interesting that all three of you jumped on her myspace account. Oh wow, I wonder why that is? Nosey bitches.

Ho makes a good point. I’m sure KZ found out about a lot of girls besides the three muskateers sleeping around with Constantine this past summer and she is not the type to tolerate it. I find it interesting though that she is still on his top two myspace page. Constantine told me they still talk but didn’t elaborate.

You don’t have to be so mean on the boards.
IluvConstantine wrote:
MNIrishAngel wrote:
Ho! wrote:
Okay, but I get the $1 for every time she mentions the woman who works for Sony.

Deal!!!! We can run a hell of a bar tab on this. I wonder if there’s a drink called a Name Drop (like a Lemon Drop, only you hate it)
What’s the big deal about mentioning this girl? I mean, I heard she is really nice and Constantine met her backstage at one of the NJ shows.

Robyn – if I reveal too much then you will know who I am. hint, hint!

IluvConstantine wrote:
Ho – i am not laurenlovescon. dont know what metal sludge is either.

i am just saying the truth and that you are all sluts. Everyone on the boards know the two lawyers chased Constantine around all summer and practically threw themselves at him. what do you expect? He knew what you both wanted.

and this chuwi chick. I mean come on. no one shows up at someone’s hotel, who have never dated – how desperate. What do you think Constantine thought you were some intellect? He answered the door in his robe. Bingo – sex. That’s all he wanted from you. It’s obvious. Calls you at 2 in the morning, for a morning session. And you still go into NY and want to see him? The guy knew what you wanted too. A respectable girl wouldn’t do that.

I don’t believe Constantine would treat a woman with class or intelligence in that way. I mean the guy was in love once. Wasn’t it with Ashley from Austin, TX? He still seems to talk about her. I do believe him when he says he would like to find a NICE, decent girl. I also believe him when he says he was a geek. This stuff is new to him…so he is having fun.

He is no different from any other man. If you sling it in his face, then he is going to take it. And I would be pissed too, if I heard you spread his vm messages to someone else on the internet. It only takes one person. Anyone with maturity would have kept it to herself.

Constantines an entertainer. His PUBLIC image is important to him and his success. I dont blame him for cutting you off and having all your posts deleted from other boards. Yes, I will admit, he should choose his sluts more carefully.

Most rock musicians sleep around. It’s been happening since the beginning of music. It doesn’t make him a bad person. It doesn’t mean, he won’t find a nice girl someday and settle down. And I do think he knows the difference.

You girls got exactly what you wanted. You all sound like a bunch of bitter bitches hoping you were going to develop some sort of relationship with the guy. Get a life.

i was also at the last syracuse concert. So, i do believe angie and krist story. I was also at the bar that night. I sat on the side of the stage. Who was the cute little blond that Constantine hugged at the end of the night on the side of the stage? Anyone know? I remember him looking her over up and down and pulling her to him and hugging her a really long time. She was standing away from him and he pulled her in to him. Seemed like he knew her? Thought you lawyers would know who she was. She had a long sleeve shirt on that said California. Was it the dental hygenists?

not trying to be mean to yo and hay and chuiwi but just telling you the way it is. Constantine gave you ladies exactly what you wanted from him. And plastering it all over the message board is not cool.IluvConstantine wrote:
It’s hard to believe Ho that you are a lawyer. Really hard to believe. You have about as much brains as an ant. ok, now make sure you run and do your reseach on the intelligence of an ant. Can’t wait. God, No wonder you work in legal aid.

second – of course sweet little greekwanker visited a hotel room for the same purpose as Chuwi because he knew the person on the other side of the door wanted to fuck him. He is like any other man, it still doesn’t make him a bad person. What do you think he thinks about all the girls throwing themselves at him? You don’t think he knows they just want to fuck him. Maybe if Chuwi played her cards right with him and didn’t have sex with him that night, things would have been different. Did anyone ever hear of challenging the guy?

As for me, yeah, I was with him, and my experience, not anything like yours. And I wouldn’t spill it on the boards. Sorry guys. But it could be why he still keeps in touch with me. And I will add that I didn’t just screw him either – he actually took me out in public not hid me behind a hotel room. Yeah, I’m very pretty, tall and blond. And I was not in the bar very long either.

and as for the ‘cute little blond” chick – i was asking a question who she was, that was all. don’t get what the hell you are referring to. im just saying i saw him hug her and rub her back for a long time. and she didn’t inititate it, he did.

ok – carry on. i said my peace. Yeah, i do still think Constantine is a good guy and I’ve witnessed how well he treats his fans. All of his fans.IluvConstantine wrote:
Because I dated him before I fucked him. And it wasn’t hardcore the way you people make it sound. It was much nicer and more romantic. And we still keep in touch – gee, I wonder why? Maybe, because I didn’t make it easy for him, that’s all Im saying. He never calls me at 2 in the morning, he calls at normal hours or when he is town, we go out and have a bite to eat or talk about music. We actually have intelligent conversations, not the stupid crap you three talk about with him. It sounds like high school. And yeah, he is a pretty smart guy. Hate to disappoint you all. We have become good friends.

You know maybe if you girls really played your cards right with him, you could have developed a great friendship with him or even more. But you will never know that now, because each one of you just gave in to him. It is hard to meet people when you are on the road – he is not lieing here. And of course, he has a different girl in each state. He is not in any state very long now is he? Constantine goes for the classy, smart and respectable type, not the bar hounds that chase him down and make it obvious what they want from him. I bet he would “shit” if someone came to his hotel room and didn’t have sex with him. That’s the kind of girl that holds his interest. He needs a challenge.

Oh and hear is some news for ya. This KZ chick – dumb as a stump – nice person though – but a major slut. She will be in LA getting her share, I’m sure. She loves to plays games with the man. Keep your ears open.”

Classy? Dead giveaway.

Here’s what Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet’s claims about her life

“I work for a major record label in NY 3 days a week doing advertising and marketing related projects. I hold a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s Degree. I recently graduated with a Ph.D degree in Business Psychology.

Formerly worked in Brand Promotions for two major pharmaceutical companies and a finance company. I have about 15 years marketing and promotions experience and assisted on launching product ideas for commercials, pharmaceuticals and now promote new artists. Currently, one day a week, I perform advertising and consultant work for a major pharmaceutical company.

I am now single, and have lived in LA, London, NY and now upper Buck “

In reality she lives in Pennsyvania. The other places are probable fictions.

Remember that lawyer she called and threatened? Here is “Jojo” defending her in regards to the phone calls and threats.

im sorry but i have to interject here. yes, its obvious you are both looking for a reaction. well, ive been following this thread for some time now. What is crazy is what you two continue to do. And that is harass this woman who is not even bothering you people. Maryann is NOT crazy and also never called Kristina Zang a whore. she was always on kristiana zangs side and felt bad for her. and if this kris zang person had a brain in her head she would probably know that. ma doesn’t communicate with her and from what ive learned doesn’t have any interest. it is also clear to anyone that you two are the ones obsessed with her, that is why you traveled all the way to california to get info out of her. I am on maryanns myspace and have talked often with her for the last three months. She does have a good friend that goes by JOJO and works for a pharmaceutical company, so does her sister. What makes you think her sis goes by Jojo too? Where did you get that information? And please don’t call me maryann – shes in europe until sunday.

i will only say this based on my several conversation with her and having met her at one of constines shows and that is she is highly intelligent, and a very reserved person. she is also a private person not a public figure and she doesnt know or owe people on msg boards anything to direclty come out and spill her guts. You know nothing about this woman, NOTHING.

she has another sister named (well i better not say) who has a myspace account and is pictured with her sis along with many celebrities. thank god you people don’t know of the site. one of the pics on the site is with sly stallone. her family does work in the entertainment industry and one of her family members does much work in the advertising sector. in fact, maryann along with her one sis attended one of donald trumps charity events in palm beach. i seen pics people. she is not a liar, its just none of your business what she does. and there is an association with bmg.

let me also say this, she has clearly never harassed anyone nor has she claimed to know Constatine or said she dated him. where the hell are you getting this from? Since when can you people see through a computer screen to see who is typing on someones computer? also, i think ma told me thru email that she got a new laptop some time back. she also doesn’t post on msg boards and hasnt done so in close to a year. many people in the entertainment field post on boards, but they do it anonomously. whats the big deal here? she also clearly posted on Co-Dependency Speak that she has no association with Constantine. She gave info from sources she knew. but i hate to tell you people, but she has often been right. no one in the industry will release info on a board which is why she was so vague.

and as far as multiple personalities. everyone knows she only made posts under mmm and sonym7 and maryann777. the others are not her posts. keep in miind she does have secretaries who do use her computer when she travels.

and miss bfm, i believe i was told you had quite a few multiple names youself? why don’t you have your own thread? how many fake accounts have you set up on Constantine? you don’t think what you are doing is not crazy? and why doesn’t this kim marie person have her own thread? she claims she went out with Constantine and from what ma said, she was a fraud. maryann did mention this person to me and it is also meantioned on the red topic board. she knows that carol person is l. carlington, (is that her real name?) shes not dumb, and she has NOT teamed up with her either. maryann told me she thinks kim marie is either l carlington or bfm. i wouldn’t be surprised from everything ive read here.

the reason i decided to post here is because i know through my email conversations with ma that she is nothing at all what you describe and that this is nothing but a smear campaign against her. i really feel bad for her. I have to give her credit for not starting a thread on you two on her board and bashing you. That just shows the kind of person she is. There is so much evidence on this message board and the other one on how much you have harassed her. And don’t think she won’t file charges, i know she has been swamped with work, she told me. she mentioned to me that her lawyer had copies of something i don’t know. i can’t go any further. someone emailed me and told me what you guys are doing here. This entire thing sounds to like nothing more than a vendetta against her because her secretary called you both whores and told you both to get mental help. I think maryann is smart enough to know about ip addresses and email addresses used on msg boads.

well, i know when she returns someone may email her and alert her but i don’t think she cares as much as you think. but i do know her lawyer has copies of everything. as for your link, it only justifies if that is ma, that you truly are harassing her. maybe i should email your boss kristina this thread – you think that will prove how much you are harassing this woman? god it is so evident.

you ladies really need to get a life, i mean really. dont’ you have boyfriends? and if Constantine is mad at maryann than Constantine is an asshole and i really dont think ma cares. i just noticed you are bashing consts publicist? thank god, you people dont know who i am.

get on with your lives.”

and it continues on… it might be a few more postings till I get to Cook so I’m going to leave you with a posting by Kristen Zang about Mary Ann/Holly.

“Do I need to copy and paste the messages you sent me on myspace here so all my Heathers can see what a koo koo bird you are? I’ll even include the ones you sent to my friend Megan on Myspace about me. “